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Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kirkplan Kitchens can help you decide whether to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets. Both strategies provide different benefits, so your home, budget, and specific needs should help you make your decision.

Should You Replace or Reface?

Refacing provides an entirely new look to outdated cabinets that are still in good shape. Choosing this option can save you thousands compared to completely replacing your cabinets. Refacing is worth considering if you have functional, durable cabinet boxes but don’t love their style.

You should opt to replace your cabinets if your existing cabinet boxes are damaged, worn, low-quality, or otherwise non-functional. In general, cabinets built before 1980 hold up better than ones built more recently. Changing your cabinet layout will also require complete replacement.

How Does Refacing Work?

With refacing, you can opt for completely new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. You can also repaint or refinish your existing cabinet drawers and door fronts or cover them with a wood veneer. Parts of the hardware, including drawer pulls and handles, are replaced when you reface cabinets. These changes offer another opportunity to change the look of your existing kitchen. You can even replace some cabinets and refinish and reface others to make significant changes while staying within your budget.

The experienced design team at Kirkplan Kitchens has provided Sarasota residents with comprehensive remodeling services for decades. If you need help deciding whether you should replace or reface your kitchen cabinets, schedule a free consultation with us by calling (941) 341-0401 or contacting us online.

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