October 7, 2017

Modern Shower Designs to Spruce up Your Bathroom Remodel

A modern shower design can change a drab bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Homeowners who are preparing for a remodel this year should keep these contemporary styles in mind during the planning process to create a stunning new shower that will revamp a self-care routine.

Add an Accent Wall

Although the idea of an eye-catching focal wall isn’t exactly revolutionary in home design, savvy designers are bringing this trendy concept to the shower. Options are endless, but some of the most exciting looks include accent walls made from intricate mosaic tiles, gorgeous natural stone, and subtly backlit glass panels for futuristic appeal. A burst of vibrant color on one side of the shower also looks fresh and modern in the bathroom.

Have a Seat

Many smart homeowners are adding integrated seating to their showers. A built-in bench or shower seat adds both function and relaxation, especially when paired with shelving to accommodate personal care products. With this upgrade, the shower becomes more versatile for aging residents who may need the extra support of a seat—and can also double as one’s personal salon or spa.

Expose the Pipes

Homeowners who love the newly popular industrial aesthetic will appreciate this modern look, which has also been spotted in some of the latest kitchen remodels. For the best results, pair matte black fixtures or metallic brass or copper with sleek, cool white marble for an attractive contrast.

Integrate Technology

Smart appliances are nothing new, but many homeowners are taking the concept a step further by adding tech to shower remodels. Examples include Bluetooth screens that connect to other devices to stream podcasts and playlists and integrated LED lights that add both fashion and function.

Consider Unexpected Touches

The most jaw-dropping modern shower designs take the classic bathroom remodel to the next level. Some of the best ways to incorporate this trend include using unexpected materials like colored glass, concrete, corrugated aluminum, and teak. Tile is a classic option that can be easily upgraded by bold colors and patterns, contrasting stripes, vertical rather than horizontal installation, and mixed sizes and shapes.

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